Landlords slam Shelter’s latest attack on private rented sector

Shelter boss Pollly Neate has accused the 'landlord lobby' including MPs of attempting to water down the Renters (Reform) Bill.


Landlords have criticised a new anti-landlord campaign launched this week by Shelter including comments by its boss Polly Neate (main picture)

Speaking on social media, NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle reminded Neate that ‘pragmatism and unity’ were needed to solve the problems within the private rented sector, rather than the creation of ‘division’.

The charity has warned that Michael Gove risks passing a weak Renters (Reform) Bill because of the ‘landlord lobby’ and is urging its supporters to email the Housing Secretary telling him ‘not to listen to those in the sector’.

Neate says: “Help us stop landlords, MPs and – most urgently – some people who are both, from watering down the Renters Reform Bill. “Show them we know what they’re up to and we want a bill that gives renters decent rights at last.”

Watered down

But Beadle says landlords have no wish to water down the legislation. “Far from watering it down we are seeking to improve it – and protect the sector, including renters, from the damaging consequences of getting it wrong and worsening the crisis we are in.

Shelter says the bill is already being disrupted by landlord MPs “throwing their toys out of the pram”.

It says: “If Michael Gove appeases their self-interested demands, he risks passing a watered-down law that doesn’t give renters the rights they desperately need. It’s his job to make sure they know this isn’t all about them.

“We’re still waiting for reform while self-interested landlords demand unreasonable concessions. Together, we can challenge their voices.”

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  1. The biggest enemy Tenants have, isn’t those providing accommodation, its the so-called charity [sic] spongers who are creating shortages and rent increases for the very tenants they espouse to represent.

  2. Shelter is a sham! It claims to help the homeless but spends all its donations on Left Wing political lobbying. Not one roof over one single head, in fact the exact opposite, because by demonising & condemning Landlords they are forcing them out, thus worsening the shortage of homes & encouraging rising rents, all of which they claim to abhor. Their charitable status should be removed & in the meantime prospective donors clearly made aware of the harm these fraudsters are doing to the most vulnerable in society!

  3. Polly Neate knows exactly what she is doing. She wants the bill to go through with as much support for tenants as possible. Then when this is achieved Shelter will move onto their next objective and then the next and so on until this country is a highly taxed communist state providing state housing to all tenants ‘confiscated’ from the PRS.

  4. Totally agree with John Redden Shelter and this woman and the Government have absolutely no idea of how the PRS sector works the good agents have been protecting tenants and landlords by self regulation for years and much of what the Renters Reform Bill new legislation has been in practice by them for years too.

    They are creating a monster that will eat its own tail!

  5. Withdrawing all government funding and removing charity status from polly and shelter is well overdue. The woman is evil, hasn’t a clue about lettings and needs to go. Landlords polly is the important word, without us, the tenants that you do nothing to protect will have nowhere to live. Put up or shut up!

    1. Jeremy I am with you totally. If this idiotic woman could see the damage she is doing and at the same time switch on the dim light shining in her noggin she might be useful to tenants. I have landlords selling up and the only reason is the anti landlord tripe coming from Shelter and I have tenants and prospective tenants in tears as they cannot find anywhere to live. In 20 years of doing this I have never seen so few properties available and so many people in need. Good landlords are not the problem they are the answer but like so many idealists Polly never lets facts get in the way of a good sound bite. I would love to see a list of the people Shelter have provided accommodation for in the last 10 years – oh I forgot there isnt anyone on it.

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