US property management giant launches in UK

US real estate SaaS platform introduces a new and enhanced version of its property management software solution for the UK.

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After more than three years in development, Chime Technologies Inc (Chime), has launched a property management software solution for UK agents and professional landlords which claims to streamlines operations

LoftyWorks is a plug-and-play, quick to use solution, which integrates automated marketing with cutting edge communications. The service also features a “one source of truth” approach to financial data, supporting smoother running of P&L and client accounts.

The service has been significantly upgraded by combining the best of UK and US know-how in property management and CRM. Chime, which is one of the top three proptech providers to the US real estate market, acquired Rentancy Ltd in 2022, bringing with it an established UK focused software solution and an expert team providing outsourced property management services.

One-click communications

In the US, increased uptake and revenues are achieved through enhanced consumer marketing and CRM. Within LoftyWorks, automated matching to suitable properties sits alongside “one-click” post to Rightmove and social media, encouraging increased efficiency and marketing activities which might otherwise be overlooked.

joe chenJoe Chen, CEO of Chime, says: “Property management companies around the world face similar issues. Maximising uptake and awareness of properties, staying on top of communications and maintenance, managing complex relationships, and ensuring financial data is accurate and up to date.

“LoftyWorks offers the best of UK and US learning. It merges marketing and CRM solutions which are unique to the UK market, within a platform which is easy to use. In future versions, we’ll be adding more of our AI based solutions, to enhance operations still further.”

Kurt Lyall (main picture), UK General Manager, adds: “We know many UK property managers are finding the current market hard, and are trying to balance the need for more-efficient operations, with reduced consumer demand and high turnover of staff.

“So, LoftyWorks automates communications and matching, combines Whatsapp, Outlook, call notes and Gmail, and provides integrated calendars that are easy to use. Streamlining and enhancing communications, marketing and financial operations improves performance for companies of all shapes and size.”

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