Mother-obssessed negotiator posts very weird property description

Employee working at Kire Estate agents in Hampstead, London spends most of listings highlighting wonders of his mum, who lives near marketed property.

eton avenue property description

A sales negotiator in London has attracted national attention after posting a funny but some people might say inappropriate description of a £2.9 million property.

The unidentified negotiator working at ‘boutique’ sales and lettings agency Kire in Hampstead, has written the copy in a highly informal style, mentioning on four occasions that his mother lives next door, including in the introduction, which starts: “Have my mum as your neighbour!”.

It then mentions the agent’s mother a further three times, including: “You may favour the excellent connectivity from the kitchen to the garden, with an external staircase straight down to the large paved seating area with electric heaters leading onto a lovely lawn, more than having my mum as your neighbour.”

School boy

The description also mentions the agent’s own school, which is nearby, called Hereward House.

The copy then takes a bizarre turn, saying: “Some deluded people will think that having a three double-bedroom apartment (all en-suite), with the master bedroom opening directly onto the garden, is better than having [my mother] close by, but that’s because you haven’t met her yet.”

The agent’s bosses appear to be at ease with this approach as the advert remains live in its original form despite having been featured in a national newspaper article.

The listing has attracted a lot of commentary on social media, with users of X/Twitter saying they were both ‘charmed’ but also worried that a work experience person had been let loose on the firm’s upmarket property listings.

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