Up to 3% of estate agency online listings do not have ANY photos

Leading tech provider says huge pressure to get properties marketed within hours of an instruction mean some agents are cutting corners.

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Hundreds of properties are being marketed online without any photos at all, a leading estate agency media provider has claimed.

Giraffe360 says its monitoring of agent listings reveals that the recent surge in activity within the sales market has meant some agents appear too stretched to upload photos.

Its research shows that across the nation, 1.7% of all homes listed for sale had no accompanying photos on their online property advert.

On average, these homes were listed for £287,299, 24% less than those with photos, but still a considerable sum of money.

The practice – or lack of practice – is most prevalent among North East estate agencies, where 2.8% of all current for sale stock lacked images.

Other areas, reflecting where the property market has been busiest since the Covid lockdowns ended, including the East Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, the East of England and the South East.

Link to Marketing feature“In this day and age, listing a property for sale without any photos simply isn’t acceptable and not only does it do a severe disservice to the seller, but it also reflects very badly on the listing agent,” says Giraffe360 CEO, Mikus Opelts (pictured).

“The property portals are the modern day shop window and there seems to be a real lack of consistency when it comes to estate agents and how they portray themselves and their stock via these platforms.

“Of course, the reality isn’t that these agents don’t care, it’s the fact that they simply can’t keep up with the overwhelming demand for their services in the current climate.

“We’ve seen such a sustained period of boom since the start of the pandemic, estate agents have been working around the clock to keep up.”

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