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With increasing consumer demand for high quality customer service in the home-moving process, effective collaboration amongst property professionals has never been more important – so welcome to mio!

Link to mio newsAs consumers, we have come to expect seamless integration and cross-party collaboration for pretty much everything, even if we do not recognise it as such. The average consumer enjoys smooth linkage between retailer’s websites and online payment platforms, messaging between five family members over Whatsapp, and instantaneous data integrations between devices via the cloud. In the blink of an eye every piece of information we could need is delivered to us.

Link to mio newsHowever, when it comes to the largest purchase of our lives, we are confronted with a confusing web of regulations, conflicting commercial interests and archaic legal frameworks. Added to this, property transactions are run in silos, with different parties reluctant to communicate with one another, blinkered by their individual goals and priorities. The result is a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don’t fit together.


In a world where everything is quick and connected, consumer expectation has created an increasing necessity for property professionals to actively collaborate. If, as consumers, we encounter less than immediate information transfer and transparency, we call it bad organisation or poor customer service. In most cases, however, what reads as laziness or poor service is often rather a lack of collaboration and integration, resulting in delays, error or duplication.

Seamless connectivity reduces delay and equips everyone involved with the right information, just when they need it.”

Property professionals work hard for their clients, but with so many good intentions pulling in different directions, it is no surprise that the road can appear unclear to the consumer. Mio’s sales progression platform provides a shared view of the chain to all parties involved, helping to facilitate collaboration between agents and speed up residential property transactions. Allowing seamless connectivity between parties reduces delay and equips everyone with the information they need, when they need it.

Link to mio newsCollaboration is particularly important for agents and conveyancers, who often end up in an unfortunate blame game. As Peter Ambrose explains, “When clients put pressure on agents, they have to pass it on, which then creates a chain of frustration between property professionals and that’s where the blaming begins. And, in this situation, all the client sees is their paid professionals in dispute with each other which can lead to disengagement”.

With mio’s sales progression platform, you get the added bonus of live updates for key milestones from a number of validated data feeds, human error is reduced, less time is spent carrying out manual data entry, and the whole sales progression process is streamlined. Matt Nicol shares that, “The team has so much more time to spend on other things while mio takes care of sales progression, i.e. keeping clients in the loop with regular updates, identifying potential issues along the chain and setting tasks for clients to keep the sale moving.”

Link to mio newsWith mio, agents are empowered to deliver what the consumer expects: connectivity and seamless data integration, whilst modernising their sales progression progress and providing the best customer service possible.

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