Yoti launches eSign with Selfie

Yoti eSign with Selfie image

Digital identity company, Yoti, has launched eSign with Selfie, a new product feature on their digital signing platform. This industry-first integration allows individuals to confirm their identity with a selfie before signing a document, reducing the risk of impersonation and fraud, and providing transparency and confidence that the correct person has signed the document.

The whole process can be completed in seconds. Signers take a selfie; Yoti’s proprietary NIST-certified passive liveness technology, MyFace, confirms they are a real person; MyFace checks that the selfie is captured from a live person by detecting fake presentations, such as printed and digital photos, videos and masks and; once the liveness check is complete, individuals sign the document. The selfie image is cryptographically linked with the signature, providing a very high level of assurance over who has signed the document.

Robin Tombs, CEO at Yoti, said, “eSign with Selfie provides a high level of confidence over who is signing a document, whilst offering a faster, more frictionless experience than a separate, full ID verification check.” Documents can be managed from one platform and emailed or texted for signature, requesting Selfie verification if required.

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