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Tenant Fees

Susanna Caulfield
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How should landlords and letting agents prepare for the Tenant Fees Bill? Susanna Caulfield, Senior Associate in the Real Estate Group at Rosling King LLP, details the key aspects of the legislation.

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Lost property

Jeremy Stephen
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Landlords can, in extreme circumstances, forfeit long residential leases, leaving the owner homeless and the landlord with a valuable windfall. Property lawyer, Jeremy Stephen, considers a recent case.

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How to do Section 21 notices properly

Danielle Hughes
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The confusion has arisen as a result of legislation changes applying to residential Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements which began on, or have been renewed since, October 1, 2015. To be able…

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Mergers and acquisitions

Mark Lucas
Mergers and Acquisitions image

Mark Lucas, Partner, Barlow Robbins LLP advises on managing all the elements of a merger of independent estate agencies.

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Possession is nine-tenths of the law

Laura Checkley, Pemberton Greenish LLP
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But which law? A landmark ruling on possession has put the Housing Act ahead of human rights law as Laura Checkley, a partner at Pemberton Greenish LLP, explains.

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From Russia… with cash

The Negotiator
dirty money image

Agents can’t afford to turn a blind eye to money laundering, says legal expert, Roger Sahota.

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High Speed 2:

The Negotiator
High Speed 2 journey time map

Make the most of property compensation says Matthew Knight, Senior Partner at Knights Solicitors.

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