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No deposit? No problem!

Richard Reed
Link to Tenant Deposits feature

The new ‘no-deposit’ schemes offer benefits to tenants, agents and landlords alike. Richard Reed reviews what’s on offer and asks how the traditional schemes stand up against them.

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Where’s my deposit?

Katrine Sporle
Link to The Property Ombudsman feature

Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman, adjudicates on a case of the non-return of an ‘unprotected’ deposit.

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The zero option

Andrea Kirkby
Agent indicating zero image

A raft of new products aims to replace tenancy deposits, Andrea Kirkby reviews the current offerings and where it may all end.

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Fraudulent deposits

Katrine Sporle

"If a tenant pays by credit card, it should put the agent ‘on notice’ that the tenant could, potentially have affordability issues.”

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