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Fraudulent tenant references

Katrine Sporle
Italian passports image

"A landlord was concerned about the referencing of one particular tenant. He believed that the application was likely to be fraudulent and sought compensation from the agent, reports Katrine Sporle, The Property…

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Boarder controls

Andrea Kirkby
Tenant passport image

The electronic ‘tenant passport’ is proptech’s challenge to traditional referencing. Andrea Kirkby asks if this a game-changer.

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Former landlord launches outsourced tenant checking

Nigel Lewis

A service that offers an outsourced tenant checking and vetting service to landlords and agents has launched, claiming to offer a “revolutionary” new service which goes beyond standard credit check services. Agents from…

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Tenants with lifestyle flaws

Katrine Sporle
Red Light District image

Unfortunately, being in the oldest profession in the world does not make a model tenant… says Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman.

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The identity parade

The Negotiator
Questionable tenants image

Can you smell a wrong ’un? How can really you be sure that you know that your prospective tenants are who they say they are and will behave as they should?

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