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How to make your brand stand out on the high street

Inspiration and advice from three experts in high street agency branding.

The Negotiator


Tom Cummuskey, Kremer Signs

“As a business grows, or just as times change, your branding should adjust to reflect this. A rebrand doesn’t always require a complete overhaul, and just minor adjustments can have a major effect on how your brand is perceived.

“Identity is very important, especially so in a crowded market where demand is outstripping supply. You want to be instantly recognisable on the high street and in an ideal world people should be able to identify your brand at a glance.

Window display image

Kremer Signs displays at Cooper Residential.

“In terms of lighting, this is something that is always evolving, and new products are always coming onto the market. For example, Flex face signs are the best way of creating very large format signage.

“The tensioned skin faces can be produced up to 5.0m in width by almost any length with high resolution digitally printed images to create truly huge effects. “The units can be supplied non-illuminated or fitted with an LED light sheet to give illumination to the whole of the face for maximum illumination for many years of energy efficient and maintenance free operation.”

Suzie Pattinson, Ravensworth

Susie Pattinson image“To begin with, identifying the motivations behind initiating a rebranding exercise will probably unearth some project goals. Secondly, through understanding what has made your business successful, you can establish and capitalise on the strengths that push you beyond your competitors.

“Finally, defining a clear direction will help plot a path to fulfilling the aspirations you have for your business. However, engaging a brand consultancy with specialist sector expertise can help crystallise those findings, so that a clear brief and project plan can be established.

“Investing appropriate time within these early stages can be essential to help measure the success of the creative work and future marketing strategy being produced.”

How do you stand out?

Tom Cummuskey, Kremer Signs

Shopfitting map image

Huge maps help to bring your patch to life.

“There are many different options available to an agent to make sure their office stands out on the high street. Lighting is very important to get a good street presence.

“For six months of the year with the dark afternoons it is important to use this time to make sure that your office is as eye-catching as possible, and maximise your brands exposure around the clock.

“A great way in doing so is having an office fascia sign fret cut and illuminated via LEDs. This can be paired up with LED light pockets, and internal Texflex wall map or life style images.

“Another good example of this is Cooper Residential in north London (see photo). All of these options can bring your office to life, and can help you gain the competitive edge over other agents in a busy high street.


Suzie Pattinson, Ravensworth

“Strong and lasting ‘stand out’ is achieved by being clear and true to both your personality and your approach. Also, by emphasising and promoting the particular strengths of your business, you will create points of difference with conviction.

“‘Stand out’ is not enough in isolation. Anyone can achieve that, but to be relevant and lasting, and ultimately to achieve the financial objectives, requires a considered balance between creative output and pragmatic effectiveness.

“Keeping the competition in mind is a given, but focusing on what you are doing best, and where you want to be, provides a much sounder foundation for delivering branding success.

“For such a relentlessly competitive industry that relies heavily on presentation and marketing, too few lessons are taken from successful high street retailers.

“Having a clear message that is repeated; consistent presentation; structured marketing plans and a ‘less is more’ approach to messaging are just some tactics deployed within retailing today.

“And having a coherent brand that is both appropriate and flexible to its marketplace is important to meet your potential client’s needs.”

Tell us about the latest trends!

Suzie Pattinson, Ravensworth

“There is evidence of a more open-minded approach to how an agency’s brand should look. The colour palette has broadened from the swathes of green, blue and red, and the values talked about have shifted away from not simply chasing that much coveted ‘trust’ and relying too strongly on ‘heritage’.

“Not surprisingly, the intense competition in London forces greater diversity of presentation and increases the willingness to be bold to stand out. “It often follows that elements of these trends filter throughout the rest of the country, providing a creative direction for others. But more can be done.

“By not aiming to follow suit, putting faith in the things you do best, and taking reference from the successes of other industries, you can re-imagine a unique brand that you, your team and your customers can believe in.”

Tom Cummuskey, Kremer Signs

“Agents tend to be going for a cleaner, simplistic and less busy look to their branding. We have seen a huge increase in white agency boards, as this is in keeping with the trend, and also stands out well against bricks and greenery, which is, of course, normally where these boards are erected.

“For T Board style boards we use our exclusive ‘grey back’ correx [extruded twin-wall plastic-sheet products made from high-impact polypropylene] material that has a pure white face with a dense grey back. When the two sheets are heat welded together it blocks any show-through of the post erected through the middle, even in the strongest sunlight.

“This is a problem that many agents face that have white board designs, which can make the boards look cheap, and in some cases it makes the text hard to read when a shadow is cast vertically through the board due to the stake.

“Another major improvement is that the new correx, the heaviest in the marketplace at 700gsm, is made from fully recycled materials making it not only the best quality agency board on the market, but also the most environmentally friendly.”

If you’d like to brighten up your workplace there are several excellent specialist agency designers and product suppliers that are happy to help:


Crucial Projects www.crucialprojects.co.uk
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Kremer Signs www.kremersigns.co.uk
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MPL Interiors www.mplinteriors.co.uk
Ravensworth www.ravensworth.co.uk
Viscom www.vis-com.net

December 17, 2017

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