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You want to start posting on your blog more often? Great idea! After all, says Nelly Berova, a good blog can gain the attention of your prospecting clients, build trust, and optimise content for customer conversion.

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Just how do you come up with different content ideas and keep your topics interesting and engaging again and again? How can you sustain this output without it devoting hours of your time? Here are eight types of blog posts that are easy to create but will definitely increase social engagement and traffic to your website.

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People love to read news. But you are an estate or letting agent, not a news publication. So, if you can’t (like most of us) publish an original news post, you can fall back on to a tactic known as ‘commentary’ to take advantage of current events. Commentary is a great strategy to cover a trending or topical story with your own opinions (or comments). You start by framing some current event or story relevant to the property industry or your local area, then dive into your company’s position on the matter.

People like to read about people, make a personal spotlight post to engage your readers’ interest.

Commentary style posts are excellent tools to build trust with your audience because they provide factual information and present you as a leading authority in your area, who’s on the tip of the information curve.


The crowdsourced post brings multiple experts together to answer a single question in shortform, leveraging on their authority.

Simply ask three or more experts the same question and aggregate the answers into a single post.

Start by defining who this post will benefit (your segment), what topic would interest them (you can check a few forums to see what your segment is asking already) and compile a list of experts you can email with your question.

Once published, make sure to share your blog link with all the experts so they can share it on their social channels.


YouTube Cut Up blog posts are really fast to put together. They create high-value content as there’s a little bit of everything – images, text and of course, video. Go on YouTube and look for a video that’s relevant to one of your segments and ideally is already popular.

It’s a good idea to write a few paragraphs about the point of the video or your take on the subject, but the video itself should be the star of the show.


People like to read about people, so if you can make a personal spotlight post that engages your readers emotionally, you’ll instantly win interest.

For example, you could put a spotlight on one of your employees in a form of an interview. Or one of your clients, either as an interview or as a case study.

This will make your workplace feel a little more personal and will make your brand seem more real and more approachable.


An interview post can be a great way to get influential people to contribute to your blog as people are more willing to give you an interview rather than contribute a full article. The easiest way for an influencer to give an interview is through audio. All you have to do is call and ask questions, but don’t forget to press the record button!

Then you can transcript the interview so people can read it, but you can also upload it as an audio file (or podcast).


Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote. They can be from an influential person, celebrity, or simply someone unknown.

This type of post is very simple to create. Think of the common subject (for example ‘home’) and Google ‘quotes about ‘your topic’. You can then compile your list of ‘quotes’ on this subject and publish them on your blog in a form of text, images or a mix of the two.


The Stat RoundUp post works best when you use statistics that you have produced. If this is not possible, consider curating and pulling together stats from multiple locations to create a good statistics post.

A quick way to do that is by using sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla or Land Registry and focusing on your locations.


Visual media, such as infographics, has a higher propensity to be shared. This in turn increases your brand visibility, traffic and helps with your organic ranking (SEO).

It’s a good starting point to write a few paragraphs about the aim of your chosen infographic, but the visual content itself must be the star of the show.

Put these blog types to use and evaluate their performance over time. Monitor your web traffic and social shares as you build more of those types of posts into your strategy. Over time, you’ll have a better idea of what your audience wants – and be confident to present it to them.

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