Floor planning with iPad PRO

A new floor planning tool, has been introduced using the latest iPad technology that’s ‘quicker and easier to use’ than its predecessors.

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Max Christian, a founder of Metropix, has launched ‘RoomScan LiDAR’, which uses the lasers found in the latest iPad Pro to measure rooms with even greater accuracy.

Link to Proptech newsAgents can add photographs, spoken notes and comments to the resulting floor plan, which displays the room dimensions in imperial and metric. These can be exported in a range of industry software formats, and instantly uploaded to the web as 2D floor plans and 3D models.

Max says, “The new quick and easy app is a further step up from anything currently on the market. Using the iPad Pro’s improved scanners we can measure a room in seconds, add doors and windows, and link rooms together with just a few taps of the screen.”

Richard Whitehurst is Business Development Director at Locometric, which has developed the app, said, “Having worked in the lettings business, I was desperate for a quick and simple solution to generate floor plans on the spot while out meeting landlords. I wish I’d had this at the time.”

The LiDAR laser scanners that the app uses are currently found in the latest iPad Pro, launched in March 2020. The next-generation iPhone, due in late 2020, is expected to feature the same technology.


RoomScan LiDAR is available from Locometric for £16.50 per month plus VAT. For more information contact [email protected] 07776 187519 / 020 8720 9222.

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