Measuring agency brand awareness

Everyone has a brand and everyone shouts it loud – but how effective is that, asks Nelly Berova, and how can you improve agency brand awareness?


Crucial to your business success, your agency brand awareness is what makes you… you!

It’s your reputation, your presence and how you stand out from the busy real estate crowd. You’ve probably worked hard to establish the brand you have, perfecting everything from your logo and visual style to your written tone of voice and how your staff present themselves to customers.

But, until you start measuring brand awareness, you’ll never understand exactly where you sit in the consciousness of your potential buyers, vendors and landlords.

We can’t deny that brand awareness is hard to quantify, however, there are some key performance indicators that you can pull in to understand how you are perceived. If you’re not measuring agency brand awareness yet, here are the measures you should consider.

Mentions and share of voice

You need to know who’s talking about you on social media, blogs and forums and whether those mentions are positive or negative. Then you need to see how they fit alongside your competitors – your share of voice. Doing this yourself would be a bit of a slog, but there are tools out there for you to employ. Having this information can help you set targets for increasing your share of voice on certain channels.

Social media reach and engagement

Next, delve a bit deeper into the social media element of brand awareness, measuring post impressions and followers for each platform. Look at engagement too, measuring likes, shares and comments. Use a social media platform such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social – we covered these in a previous article – to automate your posting and help your evaluation so you can concentrate your time on creating content that gets users engaged.

Web traffic

How well your website is performing is also crucial to brand awareness, so monitor all the key metrics like traffic, new and returning visitors, bounce rate and time spent on your pages. To get these metrics for your site, you need to be up to speed with the new version of Google Analytics.

Search engine visibility

How well you rank on Google for property industry keywords is also central to your brand’s impact. Give some thought to the specific keywords you want your business to rank for in your local area. If you don’t appear high enough on the search pages, adapt your SEO strategy to improve your visibility, taking the right advice about this crucial area.

Reviews, surveys and testimonials

Reviews on Google, Trustpilot and other sites give you a quick snapshot of your reputation locally, so encourage these, then interrogate them to see what people are saying about you. You could also use regular surveys to get honest feedback of how your brand is perceived and what you need to do to boost awareness.

Reviews on Google, Trustpilot and other sites give you a quick snapshot of your reputation locally, so encourage these.”

Five tips to raise awareness of your brand

1. Be consistent

Does your agency have a cohesive brand identity that follows through in all your channels? Make sure you are consistent in your use of colour, your logo and visual style. Ask if a potential vendor or landlord looked at your website, advertisements or print materials, whether they would know instantly who is behind them. Does your brand shine through too in the tone of voice you use in emails, newsletters and on your blog?

2. Look for user-generated opportunities

Engineering ways to get ordinary home buyers and sellers to endorse your brand on social platforms is great for building recognition and trust. Think of ways to inspire people to share their experiences of working with you.

3. Don’t ignore traditional media

Though traditional local media outlets have dwindled, if newspapers, news websites and local blogs have a good following in your area, don’t ignore this method of boosting visibility and profile. Pitching ideas to the media, taking part in local events or putting forward a spokesperson to comment on the local housing market can all have an impact – by giving you authority.

4. Watch your competitors

Don’t just concentrate on your own metrics, it’s worth keeping an eye on your competitors too. Look at their websites, social feeds and advertising to see how they engage with audiences. This will give you an idea of tactics that you might adapt in your strategy as well as helping you identify how you might position your own brand as unique.

5. Be memorable

Finally, if there’s one key takeaway from your work to measure brand awareness it should be how much you stand out – in a good way. Look at what you are doing best to make you memorable and build on those strengths to really hone the success of your brand.

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