New firm aims to shake up traditional estate agency model

A newly-launched property company, Assurestate, says it is challenging the traditional estate agency model focusing on asset stabilisation, business lets and sales and block acquisition.

Assurestates directors

A new property company, Assurestate, says it is challenging the traditional estate agency model with a strategic focus on asset stabilisation, business lets, business sales, lending, land and block acquisitions.

With its team of in-house and self-employed brokers, Assurestate is able to benefit from a wide network of clients and properties to market.

Tameem Shahid, Co-Founder and CEO of Assurestate (pictured right, with co-director Karim Abdallah), comments on the launch, “Our approach is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses, owners and investors. The team has been handpicked – professionals who have excelled in their respective fields and are now ready to put their knowledge to the test.”

Tailor-made approach

Assurestate’s (Assure) tailor-made approach aims to ensure improved efficiency and profitability for property owners and investors. They’re hoping to address challenges faced by traditional agencies by offering new strategies in asset stabilisation, corporate rentals and sales and large-scale property acquisitions.

A key goal of Assurestate is to stabilise property assets by optimising value and reducing vacancy rates, to ensure a steady return on investment for owners. Their focus will be on business rentals tailored for corporate clients.

Assurestate’s block acquisitions team aims to simplify the process for investors and developers looking to capitalise on efficiency and scale by identifying and acquiring substantial property portfolios.

Self-employed model

The Assurestate business model will allow brokers to be a part of the in-house team or build their own business as self-employed. The brokers will benefit from access to leads, technology, training, a strong brand, as well as regular networking events.

Self-employed brokers will be expected to bring their own contacts and generate business, but the model does mean that they will have access to the full available portfolio.

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