Hatched founder to launch US franchise brand in UK

Adam Day claims he has found the 'future of UK estate agency' and has launched EXP Realty in the UK offering agents high commission and equity.

EXP Realty, a publicly listed US estate agency that touts itself as the ‘Amazon of property’ is to launch in the UK headed up by former Hatched founder Adam Day.

Unusually, the Washington-based firm is to offer UK agents a significantly larger slice of sales commission than traditional agents as well as equity in the company.

Day, who left Hatched two years ago to join easyProperty before briefly working at eMoov, says he has been in talks with exp Realty for several months and that he believes he has “finally found what the future is, and I’m proud to be bringing it to the UK”.

“One of the main failures of US agents that have come over here is that they’ve been perceived as imposing the US operating model on UK agency.

“But I’ve been really impressed with EXP’s attitude in that they see themselves as a global estate agency business that happened to start in the US, not a US agency that’s trying to change the way we do things here,” he says.

“However there are some aspects which we’ll introduce that are truly revolutionary, the likes of which I’ve never seen.”

Agent package

Day is looking for agents to join the franchise-based company which describes itself as a ‘cloud-based office’ firm offering each estate agent a personalised website for their territory, an instant valuation tool as well as a CRM system, marketing tools and lead generation platform.

“Agents will also get the opportunity to work when you want and how often you want as well as a jaw-dropping technology platform which revolutionises the training, support and collaboration aspect of working in this way,” says Day.

His new UK operation for EXP Realty can be contacted via its new website.

EXP Realty was originally known as Buyer Tours Realty until 2007 and was founded by US businessman Glenn Sanford. It has also announced plans to expand into Australia at the same time as the UK.



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