#AgentsHereToHelp Covid video initiative ‘closes doors’

Kristjan Byfield says he was blown away by the range of different industry players who added video content to the project, but that it's time move on.


Leading estate agent Kristjan Byfield has announced that his Agents Here To Help (AHTH) video initiative has ‘closed its doors’.

It was launched in April last year with the aim of creating a support campaign for the public around the social media hashtag #AgentsHereToHelp.

At the time he said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for estate agents to improve how they are perceived.

“The first lockdown at the start of this pandemic feels like a distant memory,” he says.

“For many, me included, there were so many unanswered questions. “The deluge of questions wasn’t just for us as agency owners, managers and staff- but for the public were desperate to know what this meant for their property plans.”

AHTH was meant to give agents across the country a platform to share video content advising and informing the public.

Covid focused

Early content was very ‘covid focused’ with advice around safety, marketing, viewings and the route ahead but, over time, this diversified into a more diverse array of content around preparing a property for market, getting a head start on conveyancing and so much more.

“It was great to do something for the industry and I was blown away by the help, support and leadership offered by Carla Burnett (Mission Specialist at The Depositary) Mal McCallion (MD of Growtion) Debbie

Franklin (Senior Lettings Manager at Bradley & Co) and Jane Gardner (MD at JP Gardner & Associates) – all of whom dedicated an array of time and effort completely free of charge,” says Byfield.

“Everyone rallied together to support agents as best as we could in those completely scary and unheard-of times.

“We’d like to thank everyone who got involved and, if we helped just one agent through these scary times, then it was all worthwhile.”


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