BLOG: ‘Why I still back Brexit’ explains leading London agent

Glentree Estates boss Trevor Abrahmsohn shakes his stick at so called remoaners and argues that the perceived lack of Brexit dividends is 'misunderstood'.


It appears that the malcontent ‘remoaners’ are out in force again, indulging in gloomster-ville economics and rejoicing at the slightest sign of bad news that besets this country.

Where are the Brexit dividends, they cry.

Link to Guest BlogMay I remind them that Brexit is a generational matter which is an investment in the future of this country in order to shape its destiny.

Did the newly reunified Germans bitch and moan after reunification when the magnificent west German economy was thrown into disarray for 25 years?

No, they didn’t.

I wonder what the appeasement lobby was thinking after Churchill declared war on Germany, despite only having 300,000 dispirited troops holed up in Dunkirk, facing three million emboldened Nazi troops who gobbled up Europe in a month?

When the bombs rained down on London in 1940 the voices of disquiet must have been cacophonous and the pressure to surrender irresistible.


Winston Churchill, the visionary, battled on and the rest is history.

Unhappy remainers take note – history can repeat itself with a positive outcome.

May I also remind the remoaners that their darling European brethren are in a worse parlous state?

With rising unemployment, slow growth (Germany is in a fully-fledged recession) and instead of looking at our former EU paymasters, we should instead look west to our largest, single trading partner, the USA. Our cousins across the pond which will recover faster and stronger than any other country in the G20 and where our economies are often paralleled.

The Irish protocol is all but done – bar the shouting – and I am sure that as time goes on, the idiocy of the European bureaucracy which affects our export trade will ease as common sense prevails.

If our imports from the EU are down, this is no bad thing and will assist our trading imbalance.


Why on earth doesn’t Rishi and his Merry Men take a sledgehammer to the much-needed reforms of red tape, so that we can at least enjoy our hard-fought freedom from the shackles of former EU protocol?

After the Second World War, Ludwig Erhard deregulated the German economy, such that the country was free of rations after six months whilst the UK was under these restrictions for a further six years and were saddled with an over-regulated economy.

Whilst no one wants the ‘wild west’ maybe there is something to help this country out of the trenches.”

Whilst no one wants the ‘wild west’ maybe there is something between this and our legacy of EU bureaucracy to help this country out of the trenches, in which we are currently bogged down.

We have the same 85% service economy as Singapore and why don’t we ape their model now that we have the freedom to do so?

Raising Corporation Tax from 21-25% is a retrograde step, and although I appreciate it does generate money for the depleted coffers of the Treasury, it does not encourage new investment in this country, which is much needed in the post Brexit era.

The EU detests Ireland’s pro-business 12% Corporation Tax, as they stagger along with their socialistically inspired 35%, anti-business rate.

Whilst Brexit may be the cathartic benefit that we all thirst for, unless we use our newly won freedoms, we will inadvertently be in the worst of all worlds.

We need boldness and courage to grasp the nettle and fly free and very soon we will be leaving our leaden-footed, former European counterparts, where they belong – in the mire.

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  1. This blog is everything that it is wrong with Brexit. Jingoistic, sabre rattling tosh that harks back to a time 75 years ago. This constant reference to WW2 is becoming tiresome and is a lazy argument, and largely comes from people that didn’t even serve.

    I’m prepared to read anything from a Brexiter perspective to understand why they thought this was a good idea, but as soon as an article speaks of Remoaners, then all credibility and authenticity is thrown out of the window. Hurling insults at people with another view is pathetic.

    This blog reads as arrogant at best and juvenile at its worst. It’s “Jeremy Clarkson” narrative is toddler foot stamping and has the credibility of Liz Truss.

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