Three out of four voluntary board members at inventory association resign

The Neg understands differences of opinions over the AIIC's direction of travel have led to resignations ahead of AGM later this month.

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Several members of the board overseeing the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) have resigned this morning, saying they are unhappy with the “lack of strategic clarity and the value being delivered for its members”.

The AIIC, which over two years ago announced a new chair, Daniel Evans, following the departure of incumbent Daniel Zane, is the largest and longest-established association for inventory clerks in the UK.

Three out of four voluntary board members are resigning.

One of those on the list, Adrian Kelly (pictured) of Letcheck, says: “It is time to strip the AIIC back to basics and start delivering value for its members.  The association has not clarified a vision of where it wants to be or how it is going to get there.

“The private rental sector is at a juncture both from a legislative and market viewpoint at the moment so we need a trade body that is on the front foot.”

Another unhappy board member, inventory firm owner Stef Cooke, says: “I was asked to join the Board to increase engagement outside London. However, the existing issues within the AIIC are too extensive to allow any forward movement on that.

“Regretfully, I have decided the Association is too unwieldy to be made fit for purpose and I will be resigning from both Board and membership.”

Another resigning member, Robin Gluckman, says: “I had lost confidence in The AIIC and couldn’t see what value it offered me, I was then asked to join the board as an out of London member, which seemed like a great opportunity.”

The departing board members hope this action prompts all AIIC members to attend the AGM (on 23rd June), change the constitution to allow for the removal of any board members, hold the remaining board to account and demand more value for its members.

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