BriefYourMarket acquired by fast-growing proptech group

The multi-channel marketing and data service, BriefYourMarket, has been acquired by, formerly known as Epropservices.

The multi-channel marketing and data service, BriefYourMarket, has been acquired by, formerly known as Epropservices. sees itself as a technology provider but owns Fine & Country and The Guild of Property Professionals association. It recently acquired Starberry, The Property Jungle and LeadPro.

BriefYourMarket is a property industry specialist and has focused its growth, primarily on the estate and letting agency sector throughout its 14-year existence.

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Jon Cooke, CEO,

Commenting on the acquisition, Jon Cooke, CEO of, said, “This latest acquisition continues the group’s focus on technology services to the property industry, as well as accelerating our focus on helping our customers generate and nurture leads.

“With the addition of BriefYourMarket, the combined group will supply technology services to over 6,000 estate agency offices.

“The home moving process is evolving and digital platforms are becoming ever more important in today’s market, particularly when it comes to lead generation. Agents experience the best lead-generating results over extended periods of time by building relationships and nurturing the leads they receive.

“The BriefYourMarket platform will assist our customers to further enhance their lead-nurturing process, improve communication with their clients and ultimately improving the home moving journey.”

Cooke added that will be launching some joint initiatives with BriefYourMarket in the near future. “Again, these initiatives will be focused on lead generation, lead nurturing and a relentless focus on ROI. Statistically 55% of leads received don’t make it into a CRM, a staggering figure that highlights the importance of having a process and platform in place such as BriefYourMarket to ensure leads are nurtured and directed along the correct path,” he comments.

According to Cooke, supplies a vast array of products and services for agents but was missing the mechanism of delivering these elements to the customer – which BriefYourMarket can now provide.

Yomdel acquisition

According to Cooke, supply a vast array of products and services for agents to use, however, an essential component that was missing was the mechanism of delivering these elements to the customer, which BriefYourMarket are by far the market leader. “Other elements that attracted us to BriefYourMarket was their ability to track an agent’s Return on Investment (ROI), through their focus on helping agents with their data.

Yomdel advertisement image“BriefYourMarket has also transformed its business over the last 18 months through the acquisition of Yomdel, an industry-leading live chat provider, as well as providing a dedicated content management service to agents. This helps agents to reduce the time spent on creating marketing content so they can focus on looking after their customers,” he adds.

Damon Bullimore, CEO, BriefYourMarket

Speaking about the acquisition, Damon Bullimore, CEO of BriefYourMarket, said, “We have worked in partnership with for over 10 years, focusing on nurturing data held with agent’s databases to deliver demonstrable ROI. The organisation’s new focus on ensuring it nurtures leads from portals and agent’s websites, through to database mining is an exciting path, ensuring we as a group maximise all opportunities agents receive, automating journeys and bringing these into laser focus for agents so they can prosper and thrive.”

“ is driven by passionate people who share this common view, ensuring our customers achieve powerful results by using our combined technologies. This coupled with the Accelerator Programme will ensure we are always driving the very best technology which deliveries a greater ROI.”

Toscafund Partner and Director, Matthew Siebert commented, “This latest acquisition will further enhance the group’s offering and will help to position as the market leader in providing the sector with proptech products and services.”

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