Glimpse of future living from proptech partnership

Property management company Spike Global has partnered with a specialist proptech supplier to create a vision for build-to-rent communities of the near-future.

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A build-to-rent specialist, VervLife, has partnered with Spike Global, a property management and resident engagement software provider, to create a blueprint for millennial living in purpose built rental accommodation.

Spike-software-mobile screenThe forward-thinking partnership aims to simplify and enhance the residential experience for renters living at its build-to-rent, single family and co-living communities across the country.

By accessing the Spike Living portal, residents will benefit from a user-friendly app to help tap into the local community as well as being able to make the best use of their own buildings’ facilities. Residents will also be able to book facilities offered across the portfolio, as well as being able to discover what the local area has to offer and access exclusive discounts from local businesses.

Selected by VervLife thanks to its successful track record in creating communities and streamlining property management processes, Spike Lettings will allow staff to streamline and automate the resident onboarding process.

This opens up communication between management teams and residents, making everyday tasks and social connections much simpler in a multitude of ways.

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike Global, commented, “The introduction of our software will help create blossoming social communities amongst like-minded neighbours and help local businesses by connecting them to residents through our app in various forums.”

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Brent Stojanovic, Director, VervLife

Brent Stojanovic, Director at VervLife added, “As a conscious operator of rental communities, it’s important to us at VervLife that we promote sustainable living and resident wellbeing. Partnering with Spike Global will make our communities happier and healthier, helping our residents to feel more connected to their new homes whilst increasing commercial and social value for our clients.”

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