Landlord pays back thousands to tenants after HMO licensing failures

Another two landlords in Wood Green have also received Civil Penalty notices after failing to license their properties properly.


A landlord in London has been ordered to refund 12 months’ rent to tenants after failing to license their HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) property.

The fine was issued after the Tottenham landlord ignored their initial warning which resulted in a £2,500 fine and £20,000 in rent repayment to the tenants. The landlord was also required to ensure the property was licenced and pay the application fee.


And another two landlords who each have property in Wood Green, also in London, have received Civil Penalty notices after failing to license their properties. Having ignored their responsibilities to comply their appeal was not upheld by the First Tier Tribunal. One landlord was ordered to pay £5,000 and the other £2,000.

Some 40% of Haringey’s population live in the private rented sector and the council has taken strong measures to ensure residents live in safe and well-maintained homes.

Councillor Sarah Williams, Cabinet Member for Housing Services, Private Renters and Planning, says: “Haringey Council has a zero-tolerance policy to rogue landlords; in one case the landlord has been made to repay £20,000 in rent to their tenants.

“Our licencing scheme is in place for a reason: to protect Haringey’s private renters by ensuring their homes are safe and well maintained.”


And she adds: “A tightly regulated and professionalised landlord industry helps protect and promote our good landlords and creates a safer, healthier and more accountable rented sector for tenants.

Councillor Sarah Williams
Councillor Sarah Williams

“Our existing HMO licensing scheme needs to be renewed next year so I’d encourage all residents, particularly those living in the private rented sector, to take part in the consultation that will help shape our new scheme.”

To date, a total of 46 fines amounting to over £250,000.00 have been issued to landlords in Haringey who have failed to license their houses in multiple occupation.

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