Estate agency’s property videos watched 1m times on TikTok

Fast-growing young estate agency says the social media platform is becoming a significant driver of leads for its partners.

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Hybrid estate agency Hortons says it one of the most watched property industry firms on social media after its property videos on TikTok recently exceeded a million views.

The company has 7,300 people following its account which has racked up some 72,000 likes so far after launching on the social media platform in February this year.

Its posts aren’t your usual estate agency fayre – featuring both to-camera blogs by co-founder Adam Horton (pictured) but also speeded-up quick tours of properties often featuring either the local estate agent partner or the vendor, all set to ambient dance music.

“We’re delighted to hit such a big milestone on TikTok,” says Dom Lanni, Marketing Manager at Hortons.

“It’s fast becoming a highly relevant medium for us to promote our clients’ properties, and we get hundreds of comments from people asking for further information about our listings.

“As well as continuing to expand our use of TikTok, we have plans to trial different content formats to maximise our reach to potential buyers. “This is an important part of our aim to be forward thinking marketeers, and constantly push to be at the forefront of emerging platforms and marketing techniques.”

Hortons has competition. High street agency owner Declan Collins in Aylesbury, who is on TikTok as @theestateagencyguy has over 100,000 likes for his videos and nearly 10,000 followers for his firm, Laycock Properties.

And in May London agency Kalmars launched a dedicated in-house team to produce TikTok videos on behalf of developers.

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  1. What can I say apart from in The Times 16th January 2021 – I was quoted in my capacity as a Proptech Real Estate Analyst and I said, ‘I encourage all estate agents to use TikTok’ says the Proptech-PR founder Andrew Stanton ‘Because as the younger generation use it, as they grow then agents need to be in that space. If you are not in that space you will die.’

    Since January and the pandemic, TikTok’s demographic has moved a long way, and older people are all over it and property is exploding.

    I know I have been banging the technology and social media drum since late 2016, but is anyone listening – given the average age of an estate agent is 23, why are we so amazed that software runs our lives, maybe time to get aboard the digital express or face last chance Dinosaur saloon.

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