Proptech firm officially launches up-front solution to ‘supercharge’ homebuying

Last year nearly 270,000 home sales fell-through leaving buyers, sellers and agents in a state of limbo and potentially hampering many other sales, says Ruth Beeton of Home Pack Sale

Ruth Beeton, Home Sale Pack homebuying

Home Sale Pack has formally launched with a service that promises to drastically shorten the homebuying and conveyancing processes by ensuring that buyers have up-front access to all information.

The Neg revealed in October last year how conveyancing lawyers from the North East of England were developing a new legal and property tech-led business that they hoped would speed up house sales.


Home Sale Pack has been designed to reduce the time it takes from offer to completion combining the in-depth knowledge of conveyancers and eventually with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to source, analyse and present key documentation to provide up front information for house sales before the property is marketed.

Last year nearly 270,000 homebuying attempts fell through leaving those involved including thousands of agents in a state of limbo and having a catastrophic domino effect on many other sales linked to its chain.


With Home Sale Pack, sellers can either register directly through its platform or they can be introduced through their estate agent. Sellers then verify their ID, confirm the boundaries, order title documents and searches and complete their property forms through the easy-to-follow steps.

Home Sale Pack then goes on to find as much additional, formal information as possible and raise any corrective actions required by the seller within a property health check, before finalising a sale ready pack.


Ruth Beeton (main picture), Co-Founder of Home Sale Pack, says: “We have created a solution that gives home movers an easy-to-follow digital roadmap to obtain and display as much information as possible – upfront. Making the process faster, more reliable and less stressful.

“It is no longer acceptable that our industry makes people wait until the eleventh hour to have access to the information they require.

“We aspire to become the industry standard in up-front information to the benefit of everyone involved in the property buying and selling process.”

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