Government has no idea how Right to Rent is impacting tenants, minister admits

Extraordinary admission is made by minister in Parliament despite recent Windrush scandal helped highlight the system's failings.

right to rent

The government has admitted that it has no idea how many tenants have been impacted by the UK’s recently-introduced Right to Rent regulations.

right to rentThe admission was made in response to a question in the House of Lords by Labour peer John Bassam (pictured, left) who asked how many people have been “adversely affected” by the government’s “hostile immigration environment”.

Home Office Minister of State Susan Williams said that the government did not monitor immigration checks in this way via either its Right to Rent and Right to Work schemes and therefore had no idea how it was impacting those involved.

The admission is extraordinary given the recent and historic controversy over the checking scheme which was introduced at the beginning of February 2016 and can cost landlords up to £3,000 per tenant involved if they don’t carry out the checks properly.

Right to rent

amber rudd right to rentAt the time the Right to Rent checks were introduced many campaigning groups warned that it would encourage discrimination, and the failings of the system were revealed by the recent Windrush scandal that helped force Amber Rudd out (picture, right) of her job as Home Secretary.

Following this, last week the government rushed out guidance on how Right to Rent should be implemented for letting agents and landlords, clarifying how they should approach long-term residents from the Commonwealth who have no formal documents.

The update, which was essentially advice to call the government if an agent is unsure about someone’s status, was branded ‘inadequate’ by the Residential landlords’ Association.

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