Secretive, multi-million pound estate agent software platform prepares to launch

Street has unveiled its plans to drag estate agent software forward ten years in one go, with tech platform designed from scratch.

street estate agent

An estate agent software platform that has been several years in development and kept under raps via NDAs has now been partially unveiled.

No, it’s not Boomin, but an equally secretive new project called Street developed by sibling entrepreneurs Heather and Thomson Staff (pictured) whose company is behind instructions tool Spectre.

The duo say they have spent several million pounds developing their new platform, which they say will radically change the way estate agents do business and “drag industry software forward by decades overnight”.

This will include enabling buyers and tenants to confirm viewings via text and automating enquiries, feedback, sales progression, contracts and pretty much every other aspect of estate agent sales and lettings.

Heather Staff, co-founder of Street Group, says: “This is completely new technology that allows estate agents to raise the bar – we’ve created software that both agents and their clients want, using deep knowledge of both technology and estate agency.


“The response during the testing phase was overwhelmingly positive – 94% of the agents who have seen it have requested to be added to the onboarding waitlist.”

Streets, which remains tight lipped in public about how its new platform will work exactly, says the full launch will take place on 24th November, when all will be revealed.

Thomson Staff, co-founder of Street Group, said: “Three years is a long project by any standards, but we were determined to design and build every element of the platform from scratch.”

Watch the pre-launch video.


  1. I’ve been using Excel since the early 1990’s. How I use it hasn’t actually changed that much in the last 30 years. However, a whole raft of functions and features have been added that I have no interest in or use for.

    I draw this parallel to demonstrate the similarity between technology companies that claim that their product will revolutionise the way estate agents work. There is typically a failure to realise that advances in technology rarely actually change how people perform on a day to day basis.

    Our habits are deeply ingrained. Watch an estate agent work for a couple of weeks either side of a change or upgrade in technology for a sobering reality change of how much your offering has revolutionised how they work…

  2. Interesting times for all, we at Proptech-PR are seeing an ever increasing level of both genuine innovation and ‘different thinking’ which both create efficiencies and questions a lot of the legacy type processes. We are at the sharp end and can see the digital tsunami of change washing through all verticals of real estate.

    Adoption, education and necessity are the three key things that often decide the fate of new offerings, but at last we are seeing that agents, many still operating from home at least part of the week, are now open to the concept of a true partnership with technology, and rather than seeing it as an unnecessary foe, see it as a facilitator driving efficiencies and profit.

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