Insta estate agent to star on Netflix and he’s got Daggers out for big firms

Daniel Daggers, who quit Knight Frank in 2020 but now has a significant social media following, says blue-chip agencies are 'stuck in their ways'.

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The estate agency sector’s best-known social media star Daniel Daggers (main picture) is in hot water again after criticising the UK’s big firms.

His comments have been made within a trailer for a new TV show which is set to feature his eponymous agency which, the promotional blurb claims, will be similar to the US show Selling Sunset.

To launch on Netflix in May, the show is to be called Buying London.

Daggers, who set up his firm DDRE Global in 2020 after resigning from Knight Frank following complaints that an Instagram post had compromised a client’s privacy, has gone on to become a significant player in the Capital’s prime property market. He has 65,000 followers on the social media platform and refers to himself as ‘Mr Super Prime’.

But in comments accompanying the Netflix launch, Daggers has turned on the big-name property firms, saying they are ‘stuck in their ways’ and that they ‘tend to employ the cliché estate agent’.

Eye rolling

His comments, which may prompt eye-rolling across the Capital’s property market, include that blue-chips like to employ people who ‘went to the right Universities’, are ‘old money’ and like to wear ‘jumpers around their necks’.

Introducing DDRE Global in the video, he adds: “We’re a small independent agency, but I believe London is ready for industrial change.

“So I’ve put together a team of talented agents who are hungry as hell to take on the competition.

“My reputation and all my money is on the line.

“But in the story of David versus Goliath, it’s David that wins, or is it Daniel? Could be Daniel actually.”

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  1. OMG, London agents must be quivering with fear. Obviously has too much time on his hands, Mr ‘Super Prime’, you couldn’t make this up..

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