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Introducing our cutting-edge property reporting app, the ultimate solution for letting agencies. Say goodbye to the days of juggling paperwork, endless forms, and time-consuming inspections. Our app revolutionises the way you manage properties, enabling you to create detailed reports quickly and effortlessly.

With our app, you can conduct inspections with ease, capturing photos, videos, and notes directly within the app. Our intuitive interface allows you to document every aspect of the property, from general conditions to specific areas of concern. No more struggling to remember the details or deciphering illegible handwriting – our app ensures accuracy and efficiency.

But our app goes beyond inspections. It empowers you to manage maintenance requests seamlessly. Maintenance issues are flagged using the app, complete with photos and descriptions. These maintenance issues are not only highlighted within the report, but also can be reported on using the dashboard, meaning nothing is forgotten!


The EZ system is integrated with various CRM systems, enabling automatic work flow for work orders, allowing you to prioritise and assign tasks efficiently. With our app, you can track the progress of each request, ensuring timely resolution and tenant satisfaction.

Additionally, our app offers advanced reporting features. Create professional, branded reports with just a few taps. Customise templates to suit your needs, add your logo, and generate PDF reports instantly. Our app also allows you to share reports securely with clients, tenants, or team members, saving you time and eliminating the need for physical copies.

We understand that security and privacy are paramount. That’s why our app utilises state-of-the-art encryption and data protection measures. Your information is safe, secure, and accessible only to authorised users.

Don’t let paperwork and inefficiency hold you back. Embrace the future of property management with our powerful reporting app.

Join the countless professionals who have already experienced the benefits of streamlined processes, increased productivity, and improved tenant satisfaction. Download our app today and take control of your property management like never before.


Some of the EZ-App features
  • Voice Recognition
  • Duplicate Room Feature
  • Electronic Signatures & Signable Integration
  • Agenda and Map to all upcoming appointments
  • Date stamped Quality Photographs
  • Quality Control Settings
  • Commonly used phrases
  • Maintenance & Compliance Features
  • Automatic invoicing & Financial Reports
  • Integrated with Reapit & 10ninety
  • Constantly developing & working on further efficiencies through integration

Contact: Sarah Goddard

Tel: 0118 907 8255

[email protected] 


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