Right-to-rent checks partnership

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Tim Barnett

Letting agents will now be able to conduct digital right-to-rent checks on British and Irish citizens using identity verification technology (IDVT). This is thanks to a new partnership between the Goodlord group and Credas.

Right-to-rent legislation changed late last year to allow letting agents and landlords in England to use certified identity service providers (IDSPs) to carry out checks on British and Irish citizens remotely on their behalf, using identity verification technology.

The Goodlord group is now offering its certified right-to-rent service through the Vouch platform and the service will also be made available through the Goodlord platform as an add-on in the next few months.

Powered by Credas, it will include ID fraud checks, documentation verification and ‘liveness detection’ checks, which can detect whether a face is real or fake.

Tom Goodman, Managing Director of Vouch, commented: “Our partnership with Credas means we can take this a step further – integrating IDVT with our current referencing process and cutting out the middleman for letting agents.”

Tim Barnett, CEO at Credas, added: “The Goodlord group partnership is a great example of how two tech companies can come together to help solve a shared problem for their clients. By removing another step, in what is quite a drawn-out process, letting agents will be able to reclaim their lost time.”

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