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New twist in Lamplugh case: did she ever meet Mr Kipper?

Detective involved in case believes investigation has been going in wrong direction and that Mr Kipper was 'made up'.

Nigel Lewis

The case of murdered estate agent Suzy Lamplugh has taken another dramatic twist after a detective involved in the investigation claimed she never met Mr Kipper for a property viewing, as has always been claimed.

Lamplugh went missing in 1986 and is presumed to have been murdered after meeting up with a client in Fulham, London, who she named as Mr Kipper but who police recently said they strongly suspected was convicted rapist and killer John Cannan.

But former Scotland Yard detective David Vicette told The Telegraph over the weekend that he believes Lamplugh invented the appointment and instead went off to attend a personal meeting.

Mr Kipper

Videcette has interviewed dozens of witnesses and key figures in the original case during his 20 years in the force and claims the police ‘fixation’ with Mr Kipper means previous investigations have missed vital evidence.

“I began looking at this case three years ago as part of some work I was doing on serial killers. It was clear that the accepted narrative was that Suzy had met her fate after meeting Mr Kipper at the Shorrolds Road address,” he told the newspaper.

He says that by 2012 the police was entirely focussed on Mr Kipper being John Cannan but that the more he looked at the case, the more convinced he became that ‘something vital had been missed’.

“It is my firm view that Suzy put the Mr Kipper entry in her diary because she had to nip out to meet somebody else and she wasn’t supposed to leave the office unattended,” he says.

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June 24, 2019

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