How to use video marketing in 2020

If you’re not using video to market your agency – you really should be, says Nelly Berova. This year video content has dominated social media and it can only get bigger in 2020. Yet surveys show that less than a third of agents exploit this vital communications tool.

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With Christmas just around the corner – not to mention a festive election – you might find December is a bit quiet. The perfect opportunity, then, to hone your video strategy, ready to make an impact in the New Year. To help you get started, here are five ways estate agents can use video to engage audiences:

1 Let’s talk about you

Video is the perfect way to showcase your agency – but we’re not talking stuffy, corporate films. Create an ‘about us’ video that shows the personal, authentic face of your business. Go behind the scenes for an intimate look at how you operate, don’t be afraid to add humour (but maybe avoid the Christmas party).

TIP: Don’t look directly into the camera – it can appear sinister and unnerving. Look over the shoulder of the person filming.

Introduce your team – so new customers know who will be helping them buy, sell or let their homes and put a face to the name. Show them at work, with customers or looking round a property. Some people will feel awkward at first, so shoot plenty of footage while they get comfortable. You can edit it down to choice soundbites later.

2 Take them on a tour

When people decide whether to book a viewing, a few static images don’t cut it these days. Use a 360-degree video tour so your prospective customers can really see the layout of the property and understand the space. If you offer video, this might also be the clincher for a vendor weighing up whether to use your agency or go elsewhere.

3 Profile your area

Not all your prospective customers will know your area well; some might be relocating. Use video to give a local’s eye view of your town or neighbourhood. Show off the area’s best bits including coffee shops, pubs, parks and schools. Get your staff talking about their favourite places with passion, enthusiasm and plenty of insider tips. You could also use video to profile community events or conduct your own reviews to highlight what’s great about the place and show that you’re part of it.

4 Show, don’t tell

For people new to buying, selling, letting and renting homes, getting up to speed can be tricky. You’ve already learned that writing informative blogs and social media posts that explain the process is a valuable way of getting noticed, enhancing your reputation. Doing the same by video is going one better; putting a human face on explanations of anything from the conveyancing process to staging your home to sell.
Extra tip: FAQs are an important part of every website, which you could produce in a witty and engaging video format too.

5 Let your customers do the talking

Testimonials, reviews and personal experiences add valuable endorsement to your brand. If your customers are willing, a review voiced to video has way more impact than one that’s merely written down. Not only are video testimonials great evidence that you’re doing a good job, they are also something customers can really relate to.

Ten things to remember
  • Keep your videos short or people will lose interest – 90 seconds or less is best for Facebook.
  • Not sure where to start? Analyse videos from brands you like for some ideas – in or outside the sector.
  • Make sure your videos are well lit – nothing dark and dingy.
  • Check your sound quality too.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Don’t look directly into the camera – it can appear sinister and unnerving. Look over the shoulder of the person filming. Alternatively chat to a customer or colleague.
  • Feature your customers, their families, their pets – for a really human face.
  • Make each video tell a story.
  • Include something useful your customers can take away from every film.
  • You can create great authentic video content with just a phone, but if you’re not sure, it’s safer to call in the professionals.

We’re watching video in more and more areas of life, to the extent that it’s essential to getting noticed on social media. Yet few estate agents use it to its full potential. If you want to get ahead of the game in 2020, make using video a New Year’s resolution – happy Christmas, and happy filming!

Any questions, book your agency consultation with me personally to discuss your video options.

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