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There’s potential in problem properties

Glass house image

From glass house to fab thatch, finding a property can be taxing, but financing dream homes can be even more difficult, says Joanne Christie, but there are ways…

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Regulation & Law

Will compulsory three-year tenancies work?

Houses of Parliament - Westminster - image

The PRS is housing ever-greater numbers of families, so the Government is promoting longer tenancies to provide stability, proposing a new requirement of a minimum three-year tenancy. Janany Kathirgamanathan, Senior Associate at…

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How to turn tweets into sweet business sense

Twitter image

Twitter is, says Tara Duake, undoubtedly one of the most fascinating platforms in relation to the other social media mavericks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest – and we love it!

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Facebook+Zoopla+OTM = What?

Facebook Marketplace image

Facebook Marketplace is used by 800 million global buyers and sellers every month, says Tara Dulake, and now it is marketing rental properties from Zoopla and OTM. What does it mean to…

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