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Klevio: opens doors with your phone

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Klevio, a smart home startup – has released Klevio One, a smart intercom to open doors from anywhere. It uses smart technology to change the way we manage access to homes, reducing hassle with managing keys.

Rather than replacing locks and keys, Klevio One connects to an existing intercom system inside a home and operated via an app. Klevio can be fitted in any home, no need to change locks. It works with multiple doors, so no need to modify the communal area of apartment buildings when installing it, since the device is located within the flat. The app connects to the device, allowing users to open their private and communal doors from anywhere with a swipe and press of a button.

Demetrios Zoppos, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, said, “There are large benefits for businesses and homeowners to move to a digital solution. Opening a door with your phone while you’re miles away can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.” Klevio is complementary to traditional keys , not a replacement. It provides new options to manage homes without any security compromise Users keep existing locks and old keys as a backup, and Klevio is not obvious to anyone outside the building.

Aleš Špetič, Co-Founder and CEO at Klevio, added, “Getting inside your home with a physical key is archaic, Klevio is here to reimagine the future of living.

“We don’t replace your credit card or cash, it provides customers with a service that gives them peace of mind and time.”

September 27, 2019

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