Lame-duck Boris appoints two new housing (and very loyal) ministers

Two very low-profile loyalists Tory MPs have got jobs at the department although how long they keep them is up for debate.

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The shuffling of deckchairs at the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities continues with two new junior ministers added to the team.

They are  Paul Scully and Marcus Jones, neither of whom have any ministerial or parliamentary involvement in housing – until now – and add to the impression that the department has a wildly spinning revolving door at its entrance.

This follows the sacking of Michael Gove after he urged Boris Johnson to step down, who was replaced yesterday by Greg Clark, and previously the resignation of Stuart Andrew.

The department’s website managers appear to be confused about who’ in and who’s out – its homepage includes all pre-resignation ministers and new ones, with the exception of Gove.

It is also unclear as to the fate of DLUHC minister Kemi Badenoch, who was one of five MPs to successfully urge Boris to go this week.

Property track record

Marcus Jones, (main pic, right) who is MP for Nuneaton, was a government whip until early 2020 but has since then been on the back benches, and has asked only one question about property, about leasehold reform in 2019.

Paul Scully (main pic, left) is MP for Sutton and Cheam and is already Minister for London, having previously had a ministerial job at BEIS, and made headlines two weeks ago when he made a toe-curling appearance on TV show Good Morning Britain during which he was grilled on Johnson’s future.

The Neg could find no mention of housing or property during any of his parliamentary appearances.

He appears to have been rewarded for this loyalty, and for the doing the thankless task of defending the exiting PM during several media interviews.

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  1. My notes on these ever changing Housing Ministers & Renters Reform bill.

    We’ve had about 19 Housing Ministers in 21 years AAAhhh.

    So we have the renters reform bill, we all now know Michael Gove has gone, Housing Minister gone, all Leveling up department has gone. No stability. And they’ll get in some new Muppet’s with zero experience or qualifications to tell us how to house people. I’ve got a Master’s in housing compared to these Bafoon’s.
    I’m not allowed to leave, the same tenant of 25 years is not allowed to leave, & the same house is not allowed to leave. Yet the people who tell us how to rent houses out come & go.

    it amazes me how thick these short in term Housing Ministers are. I used to think I was just normal Mick from Bulwell. But these Housing Ministers make me look like the Housing Supremo who if they listened to the likes of me and u Kate, we could cut the Homeless down by 80% and save the country £ billions in the process.

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