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OTM claims its leads are overtaking Rightmove’s for ‘growing number’ of agents

Portal reveals that one of its agents in Scotland has quit Rightmove after signing a three-year deal with it.

Nigel Lewis

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OnTheMarket has claimed that a ‘growing number’ of its member agents are receiving more leads from the portal than its arch rival Rightmove.

But OTM  has provided no data to back up its claim, instead offering up five testimonials from member agents including London firm Beresfords, CCL Property in Scotland, Leicester firm Anderson’s, Buckinghamshire agency Martin Kemps and Wareham company Purbeck Property, all of whom claim their leads from OTM are now greater than Rightmove’s.

The initiative by OTM is part of its ongoing campaign to offer similar services and benefits to Rightmove and Zoopla including two weeks ago the launch of a suite of reporting tools for agents.

Unusually for an agent, one of the businesses promoted by OTM in its statement, Scottish agency CCL Property in Moray, has now quit Rightmove after signing a three-year deal with OTM.

david pickering“We couldn’t justify an increase of 20% in our Rightmove fees and the quality and volume of leads we receive from OnTheMarket have given us confidence to make this decision,” says director David Pickering (left).

“The number of leads from OnTheMarket has overtaken those supplied to us by Rightmove and its leads are of better quality than those supplied by Zoopla. Many have led to completed transactions.”

Ian Springett, CEO of OTM, says: “Due to a muted housing market and the imminent up-front ban on lettings fees for tenants, there is significant pressure on agents to reduce their marketing spend or to allocate it in the most effective way.”

The Negotiator contacted Rightmove for comment about the claims made by OTM, but has to date not received a response.





March 28, 2019


  1. I run a small independent (looking after around 75 properties) and in the last three years Rightmove put their fees up 12%, 17% and end of last year 25%!! This is simply unsustainable and smaller agents will priced out. If I put my fees up like that, I’d have no clients left. Upon challenging them, they were arrogant and advised me that their pricing model was to have all agents, no matter how big or small, on the minimum base membership at £2500pcm+VAT. They reckoned this offered good value for money – £36000 per year just to list properties. Are they MAD !!! I will be signing up to OTM and cancelling Rightmove in the next 3 months – they have now become far too big for their boots and it’s about time agents left them because they are just greedy, abusing their position, and abusing their clients. If one of the bigger high street corporates had the nuts to leave them, I think that would be the catalyst to many others going. In 8 years of using them, the only time I actually got to talk to them was when I asked for confirmation of cancellation terms! They very quickly got in touch then. We are not clients, we are slaves to them – break the chains!!!

  2. This is exactly what I told our RM account manager nearly a year ago. The response I eventually got was that they are putting rightmove fees up by 18.9%. So I just removed all features and this year lettings will go from RM too.

    RM has sealed it’s fate; and if they’d had any brains, they’d have cut fees.

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