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Tenancy deposits – no cash required?

Lisa Isaacs
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For so long the message has been ‘take the cash deposit, secure the cash deposit’ but Lisa Isaacs asks if we’re on the cusp of an alternative mainstream approach.

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No deposit? No problem!

Richard Reed
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The new ‘no-deposit’ schemes offer benefits to tenants, agents and landlords alike. Richard Reed reviews what’s on offer and asks how the traditional schemes stand up against them.

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Get Lifetime Deposits done!

Steve Harriott
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Steve Harriott, CEO of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme gives his thoughts on deposit replacement, as well as the wider issues facing the whole deposit market.

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Which? clashes with TDS

Steve Harriott
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Tenancy Deposit Protection needs to stay, says Steve Harriott, Chief Executive, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)

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