Awks! Estate agency staff filmed by vendor being rude about house

Leading Kent agency Wards says negotiators involved are deeply embarrassed by their behaviour after Ringo security recorded their derogatory comments.

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Estate agency staff who bad mouth properties while doing viewings have been given a sharp reminder why such unprofessional activity can be easily discovered in today’s digital world.

Two unidentified negotiators working for Kent estate agency Wards, which is part of the Arun Estates group, have been filmed describing the house they were paid to market as “disgusting” and in need of “knocking down”.

The agency’s description for the property was already a little near the  bone;  despite being lived in by a family, the particulars suggested: “This could be transformed into the ideal family home”.

The agent’s video comments were filmed by a Ringo security camera installed in the bedroom of the vendor’s son, who is autistic and needs monitoring.

Open House

At the time the family were out while the pair of agents conducted multiple Open House style viewings of the three-bedroom £300,000 bungalow in Ramsgate, Kent.

But while some potential buyers toured the property, the pair discussed the property in blunt terms and also took pictures of a cat’s food bowl in the bedroom, which the male negotiator considered unappealing.

Unfortunately for the derogatory duo, the mother later to checked the footage, which came with audio, and which was then loaded onto the Daily Mail website for millions of readers to watch.

David Lench (pictured), Arun Estate’s Group MD, told the paper that he had apologised unreservedly to the vendors for the “inappropriate and unprofessional discussion” that took place between two staff members at the property on Saturday, and that “both are extremely sorry for the upset they have caused and are highly embarrassed by their conduct”.

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