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Housing Market

What goes up…

Link to Kate Faulkner

House prices continue to rocket skywards, but with war in Europe and inflation and interest rate on the rise, it can't last, as Kate Faulkner of Designs on Property reports.

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Housing Market

Regional report

Link to Regional Report

This month we meet members of The Guild of Property Professionals in Northern Ireland, South West England and West Yorkshire.

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The 8-step journey

Link to Digital Marketing feature

Digital marketing expert Nelly Berova explains how to lead your potential customers to your door.

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Products & Services

De-stressing deposits

Link to Deposits feature

Lisa Isaacs looks at the latest developments and thinking around the most troublesome and time-consuming aspects of lettings – tenant deposits and inventories.

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Products & Services

Bottom line boosters

Link to Revenue Generators feature

As well as the time-honoured ways for agents to earn extra revenue, Lisa Isaacs discovers some new propositions that can generate passive income.

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Agencies & People

Look out, here’s 2022

Link to Nigel Lewis

Aside from the pandemic, there is seismic activity in the industry. Nigel Lewis highlights a few of the likely eruptions in 2022.

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Business tips

My view of 2022

Link to Adam Walker's Comment

A week is long time in publishing and longer in this pandemic, but nevertheless, Adam Walker is sticking his neck out on where 2022 might take you.

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